Passover at SickKids Hospital and at home

We have celebrated the last two nights with the Steins and the Blumbergs, surrounded by the noises of Sasha's cousins, enjoying Mia's first Passover. Last year we laid out a seder in the Terrace Cafe at SickKids, drawing occasional glances from the hard working med students that frequent the large cafe during the quiet off hours. Sasha was just ok, she wasn't in great spirits, it was getting late. We felt it was important to celebrate passover at the hospital, knowing this would be, like every major milestone, Sasha's second and last. Toward the end of the meal we were joined by two doctors from the General Surgery team. There was a comraderie and spirit that night that I hope to never experience again in its weight and sadness; the talk of leaving bondage and singing Dayenu (Enough) quite symbolic after 4 months at SickKids Hospital and a deepening desire, with many fears, to return home.

Here we are with two of the General Surgery team.

And a flashback to Sasha at her first passover at Kenny, Cindy, Betsy, Sarah and Mandy singing Ma Nishtana and greatly appreciating Sasha's first Passover.

You can hear her little voice on this one as she explores the hagadah. Such a sweet little voice.

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