Bringing Bravery Hearts to Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town

Canadians Corinne Bloom and Darren Enkin created the Bravery Hearts program to recognize sick kid's bravery and to make them smile. The program begun at SickKids Hospital in 2003 and is now at over 20 paediatric hospitals across North America. Toronto based Sandylion Sticker Designs, the world's largest designer and manufacturer of stickers and scrapbooks, supplies SickKids patients with stickers and these gifts cue family and friends to buy their own favorite stickers as drop-by gifts.

Sasha loved peeling and sticking and stuffing her bead necklace into her ice cream container and feeling the different coloured and shaped beads. Recently Sasha's grandfather Henry visited Red Cross Children's Hospital and its fund raising armThe Children's Hospital Trust and they loved Bravery Hearts and so we are excited that Darren and Corrine will help bring the program to Africa (and will make sure there are lots of stickers too). The 50 year old Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital is affiliated with University of Cape Town for paediatric research and as the largest paediatric hospital in Africa takes on complex referrals continent-wide.

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