My first dream with Sasha

There she was, crawling quickly to me, looking bigger than she was during her crawling stage. Later in the dream I was holding her and walking as some kids dropped from the trees and swarmed us. They looked at Sasha and suddenly all the menace was gone. I woke up and enjoyed the warm images.

Here is a video where you can see the fire and focus in her eyes as she takes on a task, her sweet little voice with loud breaths, her curiosity as she look down and around the floor, that moment of perceived risk as she looks out while letting herself fall back from standing to sitting. Taken July 22, 2005 when Sasha was 13 months.


  1. hi jonny
    im so happy you had a dream with sasha in it. whenever i dream of my dad (never often enough) i wake up feeling so calm and its always a good thing...real and comforting and familiar and right. gives me faith that they will always be with us, no matter how much time goes by.

  2. Anonymous3:36 PM

    i remember that game she used to play.when babysitting sasha for a day,we played that game on my bed.up...then down.up...then went on for about twenty minutes or so.each time with a smile and giggle.a smile i can still feel and a giggle i can still hear.
    xoxoxoxo jess