Little Jimmy's Chicken Pickers and Sasha

I went to hear Little Jimmy's Chicken Pickers with Burly and Terry and listening to rising guitar and accordian and banjo and stand up bass in the country folk cover tradition I felt very connected to Sasha.

Bill Stahl saw the Toronto Star article on Sasha and we spoke of her in the court yard at Mitz's under the stars. Terry loves modern country like the Jayhawks and Wilco. Times like these I always wish we had more time to dance to hootenanny together.

Once I returned to Sick Kids CCU after hearing the band at the Tranzac Club and when I went in to Sasha's bed I found her golden and luminous under the lights, surrounded and intensively worked on as she crashed. She looked like she had been bathed in gold leaf. 'She looks like she is glowing' was what I said. Pamela was so angry that I had had some beers while my daughter was dying. Three months later Sasha cried when the life specialist played her guitar before we came home.

I used to hum the old hymn We Go Down To The River over and over in CCU and wanted to just dance with our little peach. I had imagined Bill and Tressa and the band playing in the 4D play room or wandering the halls of Sick Kids.

It was good to reconnect with the band and Burly and Terry had a good old time. But half way into the second set I had to go outside as the tears were starting to stream down my face.

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