What a wonderful day

mia and i had a wonderful morning walking sammy and enjoying the sun. burly came by for a visit and i was looking forward to our visit with tessie and riley. to my surprise when part of the 4D dream team came by for a visit, they brought grace along too!!!!!yippee what a great surprise. little do riley and tessie know from this point forward whenever they come visit the expectation is now that they will have to bring a surprise guest:)
with a yummy cake and gifts for mia, we spent the next 3+ hours chatting away. i love spending time with them and everytime i see them , i realize how important they were to our whole experience with sasha. i consider many of the people from HSC, specifically 4D family. they saw us at our best, worst, and everything in between. they helped me reach one of the most difficult decisions of my life: bringing sasha home. they were always there to listen, to laugh, to educate and most importantly to love and care for sasha. i hope that we have many more visits from all the people who knew sasha. nowadays i find it helpful to talk about sasha to people who knew her. i still become very sad but i love sharing her stories with the nurses who knew her post-op. i just want to let everyone know on 4D that you all had such an important role and impact on our lives and thank you for loving our peach.

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