What is the best way for us to give back?

Sasha sterilizes a PICC lumen with an alcohol wipe
From our hearts we thank the many people who contributed to The Sasha Bella Fund. We can now reflect and listen and work out together a use for that goodwill, a use that might help parents, nurses and doctors better care for children.

We deeply appreciate that the hospital takes seriously that parents and family are vital to the children they help. So we ask all the children and parents and families and caregivers for your thoughts on how family centred care can be further improved.

There are so many supports already in place. The doctors and nurses have multiple layers of specialists. There are also dedicated occupational and physical therapists, life skills specialists, clowns, music specialists, councellors and a patient rep to faciliate patient requests. We also heard of some attempts to setup parents groups, with mixed success.

No matter how well Sick Kids does now, we know they are also committed to continuous improvment.

So what do you think will help offer even better patient and family centred care? It could be a support for patients or their families or extra resources for the hospital.

We would love your suggestions or a story that shows how the family centred care worked or can be improved.


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