Bioethics week Nov 7-11 - flyer of events

There are some very interesting presentations at SickKids Bio-Ethics week running Nov 7-11.

Please check out the flyer of events for more details.


  1. Thank you for all of your expertise and wishing you all the success in your site.

  2. Your excellent comments remind me of this culture of "relativism" that we are swimming in (maybe 'through'). Today our culture says "It's all relative." Now the church is infested with this mind-set. It reminds me of Paul Co pan who writes, "we live in an era of truth decay!" fencing adelaide.
    Sometimes I think we are forgetting that our theology is deeply imbedded in our hymns and our liturgy/order of service, and so it must be; yet we are teaching our people 'bad' theology in these 'songs' that do not teach and confess the truth of God's Word. Hymns can be compared to painting: are we substituting a Rembrandt painting for a K-Mark picture and thinking it is an equal-value substitute? God help us