SickKids free family wireless goes live Mon June 20

On Friday, an Information Management and Technology director confirmed the imminent public launch of SickKidsWifi.

I am pleased to announce that free wireless access to the Internet for patients, families and visitors using their own mobile devices will be launched on Monday June 20th – a service that has been much sought after by those who come to SickKids.

You will now be able to connect to SickKidsWiFi via any wifi enabled device such as laptop, smartphone, iPad, iPod, PlayBook etc. The entire hospital is not covered however there will be coverage most importantly in patient rooms, the Atrium and the Gerard street food court, along with the Main Floor of Black, Burton and Hill wings and the first floor Library and North Conference Room.

There will be announcements this week in Daily News, This Week and Dear Parent Letters will be distributed to the units with a one page handout for our families.

Looking forward to deactivating my roaming mobile connection and turning on SickKids wifi next visit!

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