Canadian Paediatric Trigger Tool

The just published "Description of the development and validation of the Canadian Paediatric Trigger Tool" is a ground breaking contribution to pediatric patient safety co-written by Dr Anne Matlow, Medical Director of Patient Safety and Infection Prevention and Control at SickKids Hospital and member of the CAPHC Patient Safety Collaborative.
The CPTT is the first valid and reliable TT [trigger tool] for detecting harm in children and youth of all ages hospitalised in acute care. This 35-trigger tool is reliable and robust, and can be used in quality-improvement initiatives and for more rigorous research agendas. Future research should focus on improving the efficiency of the CPTT and investigating the differences between nurse and physician assessments of AEs [adverse events]... Such studies will enhance current efforts to raise the profile of paediatric patient safety issues. AE was defined as an unintended injury or complication that results in disability at the time of discharge, death, prolonged hospital stay or subsequent hospitalisation, and is caused by healthcare management.... ‘Healthcare management’ included the actions of individual hospital staff, as well as the broader systems and care processes, and included acts of omission and commission.

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