2009 Sasha Bella Fun Day PICTURES

Photo: Bryan McBurney


We want to thank the families who came out and donated for making the 2009 fun day such an amazing time! Families, performers and volunteers - you were all so wonderful!

We feel lucky that such generous and talented people helped SickKids and Bloorview Kids Rhab and celebrated Sasha on such a beautiful sunny Sunday. Many people told us they felt the love in the room.

Warmest regards and a big THANK YOU! Between web and on the day donations we together raised almost $20,000 for SickKids and Bloorview.
Pamela and Jonathan

p.s the 2009 event website is still open - NO percentage of a dollar donated to The Sasha Bella Fund goes to administrative overhead, it all goes to family centred and interprofessional projects.

Photo: Bryan McBurney

Dr. Jonathan Hellmann, Clinical Director of SickKids Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, talks about staff working with families in a new Family Centred Care Family Care Committee that The Sasha Bella Fund helped birth with other SickKids families. Photo: Bryan McBurney

Charlie and Little Fingers Music take their bat energy to the floor and get kids and parents alike on their feet and claws, clapping their clackers. Photo: Bryan McBurney

Photo: Bryan McBurney

Mia stares up at the performers. Photo: Bryan McBurney

Volunteer Jonathan Gould channels earlier clowning and juggles for son and dad. Photo: Bryan McBurney

The photographer's son. Photo: Bryan McBurney

Tom Davis and Rachel brought us delicious smoked brisket sandwiches, smoked ribs and all beef steamed hotdogs from The Stockyards. Photo: Bryan McBurney

Sasha loved her Raggedy Annes. Did you know? Raggedy's creator made her for his dying daughter and it was later taken up as a symbol of the anti-vaccination movement. (Sasha had all her vaccines regularly)Photo: Bryan McBurney

Photo: Bryan McBurney

Bloorview Kids Rehab therapeutic clowns Helen and Janet. Photo: Bryan McBurney

Golden voiced Deborah Maes brings folky kids songs to the families. Photo: Bryan McBurney

With the help of our McNulty neighbours, The Young Choung Taekwondo Academy demonstrates taekwondo in group and solo breaking of the boards. Photo: Bryan McBurney

Michaela breaks her board. Michaela knew Sasha and last year organized a lemonade and cookie stand at her home for The Sasha Bella Fund.
Photo: Bryan McBurney

Sho Mo + The Monkey Bunch gave us their super tight, high energy kids music as our fun day finale.
Photo: Bryan McBurney

Photo: Bryan McBurney


  1. I love that you experienced our phenomenal Clown duo!

    Hope Bram is settling in well. You will have to bring him for a visit one day!

  2. Dr Flap and Dizzy were phenomenal! Not least because we had discussed them sharing an hour of their weekend with us and they stayed for the whole event and were totally into it. I so enjoyed not just their engaging with the children but also our wider talks about care afterward when they took off their costumes.