happy birthday Sash

Here's sister Eve looking at you Peach.

June 6 was Sasha's birthday, June 20 her death-day and June 21 her sister Mia's birthday. Needless to say, June is one helluva month for our family. Pamela pushed the walk to October so we could take it easy, and it has been a month of playing in the garden, planting, bicycling, wagon rides, dancing, bbques. Mia and Eve know Sasha's name and can recognize her in a picture. I expect anytime Mia will ask where Sasha is. Maybe we will have cake and candles on Sasha's birthday after Mia knows more.

She is very much in our hearts. I have to remind myself she is more than the sum of my questions about her care and our work at Sickkids. She was an incredible girl and I feel blessed for the brief time we were physically together. When I recall exact moments of care I am transported by waves of love and grief to heights and depths not imagined.

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  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Been thinking of you guys and wanted to pop in and see how it has all been going. I just love the pics of last year's walk. Last time I visited they weren't there.

    Pleased to hear June was a lovely month for you guys and all the very best for the walk in a few months.

    Always in my thoughts and prayers - Leisa.