"One tiny soul, one big forest" is an amazing sharing

It is so rare to read an article on sick children and experience a sense of calm reflection so I was very moved by how Andee Pelan shares the story of her daughter Sadie Sioux who died at age 4 months waiting for a heart transplant. "Any decision you make is the right decision because it's based on the information you have at the time. You have the best intentions – don't bother with regrets, with `if onlys.' There is no sense in that" says Andee. At the same time, "Answers are a dime a dozen. It's questions that are important." Andee reminds us to cherish each moment with our youngsters, be present for the living and ask constructive questions. Thanks to Andee for sharing Sadie with us and to Diane Flacks for connecting readers with her and Geri's beautiful Mother's Day memorial. You can read the article here.

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