NICU baby picture program

Often when a premature child or sick baby is rushed to Sickkids NICU, speed is of the essence and mom and dad will have to catch up with their baby a little later. It is not uncommon for dads to chase the ambulance and be the first into NICU and then leave to help mom. Even once reunited, space constraints do not allow moms to routinely sleep beside their babies.

Recognizing that this separation is stressful for parents, Sickkids NICU often take pictures of babies to give or email to parents.

With the donation of a digital camera and printer, NICU social workers want to take pictures of every baby to give to the parents.

The Sasha Bella Fund is very happy to help with an initial $1000.00 for the photo print stock. Photographer Bev Rodin, who contributed a photography session to the silent auction at the June walk, volunteered to help staff get setup to take the best pictures possible. Thanks Bev!

This is a good example of the low cost, high impact support for Sickkids families made possible by donations to a Foundation family fund with guidance from engaged Sickkids staff.

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