Melanie's Transition Group - Helping Bereaved Siblings

In honor of their daughter Melanie, Mitch and Dina Blum have setup a new program at Sickkids to help bereaved siblings.

Dad provided this picture of Melanie (left) with her older sister Hailey on "The day we were told she is palliative. I took her home and we went for a swing."

Here is the logo of the Melanie's Transition Group:

The objective of the Melanie's Transition Group is to develop an evidence-based group intervention that will reduce distress and isolation in bereaved siblings, foster coping with grief and daily life after loss, and improve their quality of life with the ultimate goal to contribute to the improvement of quality of life for bereaved siblings and their families. The Blum family was assisted by Dr Maru Barrera in developing the group.

The specific aims of the Melanie's Transition Group are to help bereaved siblings:

a) express their feelings of grief as well as feelings of guilt, anger, relief and happiness in a supportive and therapeutic environment;
b) understand the impact of the loss on themselves including personal changes in self-perception, roles (e.g., from older or younger to only child), relationships, growth and maturation;
c) learn additional strategies to cope with their daily life;
d) understand the impact of the loss on their parents, other family members, school and community; and
e) examine their relationship with family members (including the deceased child), peers and friends.

Melanie's sister Hailey is helping children with cancer by raising money for the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. At the bottom of Hailey's page is information on how to register and join the walkers on October 2nd at Queens Park North at 5:30pm.

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