Sickkids Family Advisory Committee dissolved

As of last week Sickkids FAC has been disolved with the aim to reinstitute a new FAC by the fall. The disolution followed a lengthy review that called for more hospital support and greater visibility within the hospital. After almost two decades the current format was showing real strain. The small number of parent volunteers were undertaking education, participation on hospital committees and important hospital wide family centred initiatives. A staff retreat on the FAC that we participated in demonstrated enthusiastic staff support for staff members sitting on the FAC.

What is shaping up is a new FAC with more financial support and lots of fresh faces: some members will be reinvited, some not, and there will be significant staff presence. Several existing members will have to take their considerable experience to other venues. Staff presence augers very well since innovation is best advanced with conscensus between parents and staff at the FAC level as well as staff support articulating and documenting innovations to their colleagues. From what I have seen of overwhelming nurse and allied professional involvement in family centred care, having some doctors on the FAC would be very positive.

During the more than year long review I met a few of the FAC parents but any more significant work between the FAC and family funds like Sasha's have been put on hold until the new committee emerges. We wish the involved parents and hospital staff success and the timely rebirth of a stronger body so that the vital work of evolving family centred care across Sickkids can continue.

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