SickKids Childlife kids and parents music groups are one step closer to reality

Caron Mills of Child Life met with Treasa Levasseur and myself to discuss the how, where and when of a music program. Treasa's experience with kid's music and the music business and her extensive network aligns fantastically well with Caron and my interest in seeing lots more music at SickKids. And the meeting was far more exciting than I could ever envision. Treasa offered to fold in her honorarium into the program budget which will be used for aids, good quality musical instruments and some guest honorariums. She is also open to older kids helping out with younger kids and finding ways to connect older kids with other musicians that they can jam with. While looking at the Reading Room, Caron pointed out that a video can be piped into the rooms. Treasa began to then imagine alternating between video and radio: imagine two IV poles and a sheet with artwork or a puppet show and imagine voice over artists from kids TV shows and kids calling down for requests. We thought it good to allow some time before and after for some chat and start off with 2 groups a month working up to 1 per week in the next few months. After a break over the summer, the program would continue September to summer. Treasa has offered a one year commitment and to also help source kids and adult groups for the atrium stage. Next time you are going into the cafetaria, have a look up and imagine a kids band in silly costumes playing great music on the bare stage.

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