Unicorn Dream Dinner website

Working with Faye Librach of the Unicorn Dream Dinner Committee, we have launched a new editable website for the Unicorn Dream Dinner fund raiser for Max and Beatrice Wolfe Centre for Children's Grief and Palliative Care. We put several great pictures of other families and the Max and Bea camp but they had to be taken down until permission was confirmed as permission for one venue does not automatically allow other uses. SickKids is similarly careful with getting permission for every photo.

The Max and Beatrice Wolfe Centre is entirely funded through the support of their donors and the 2007 Unicorn Dream Dinner raised $167,000 to help Max and Bea expand programs and add key staff. Last year the staff held a camp at Riverdale Farm and also a very special one day camp in the Unicorn Room for a family of 5 children (aged 6-13) whose mother died last January. In June there was a Father's Day Ceremony for families who had lost a father, in preparation for father's day. And the Max and Bea is now providing death and grief education to Toronto schools. The Centre will also be involved throughout the year in developing specialized training modules adapting the EPEC Project for children. And two new books have been published, an illustrated novel of six children living with the dying and death of a loved one and a practical handbook of questions and answers by kids, for kids.

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