90 days of grief, love and absence

Sasha died 90 days ago and the time has passed very slowly, full of sweet memories, salty tears, shared stories, the blessing of Sasha's lovely little sister Mia, and our groping attempts to learn how we can honour Sasha's life in our lives.

Sash, sweet peach, you are in so many our hearts and minds. You inspire us in so many ways, as Granny wrote: "We are thinking of you all today and have extra special thoughts and memories of Sashie. She is a huge inspiration for me whenever anything is tough or requires extra strength I think of her courage and tenacity. Her example motivates me to do what is needed however hard that may be. It is amazing how much she taught us all." Tonight Gramps told us he saw someone he had briefly met and didnt wish to disturb while waiting in line for his coffee - instead this aquaintance came up to him to share how touched she was by your life, her words accompanied by tears.

Kim, one of Sasha's nurses, wrote us today: "I was thinking of you today (like many other days) realizing that it has been 3 months today since Sasha died. Her sweet smile reminds me often to keep a smile on my own face during challenging days. We all miss her on 4D."

For all those who knew and loved you Peach, some happy moments to bring a smile.

First, The Happy Wall Walker. Sasha LOVED to walk hand over hand. Video taken November 18, 2005.

And one in a series of our all time favourites, Sasha doing The Sasha Dance to Stevie Wonder. Her crib dances after her bath were some of our most cherished memories. Video taken November 20, 2005.

And happy moments, amongst sad times: the night of Sasha's second birthday celebrated two weeks after she returned home. Sasha had two positions, sitting and lying down and she could not lift herself from lying to sitting. She was tired and quiet at her party but perked up with her mama after her nap. Bedtimes and waking up were the special times when she was often most perky. June 6, 2006 near midnight.

Sasha loved her toothbrush and watermelon toothpaste. We loved being at home with her on a bed that all three of us could lie on.

Sweet dreams princess.


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    In a conversation with Pamela yesterday, we spoke of how small our pain is and I wondererd how on earth Sasha had the strength to live her life with so much of it. She will forever be an inspiration to me, and a reminder of what perserverance really is.
    Thinking of you with much love and honour every day, Sasha, and especially when I need to put my own life in perspective.

  2. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I am so so sorry for your loss. She seems like such a beautiful, vibrant child. I have been crying for reading about her. Thinking of you.

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I'm sooooo thrilled that you've shared some new videos and pictures that we've haven't seen before.It's a reminder of how incredible Sasha was-not that we needed reminding.I miss her so much.I think of her always- and always-and always.....